Grace Malai Wash N Wear Suit D

Grace Malai Wash N Wear Suit D#59 (L Golden)

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  • Fabric Composition:  Wash n Wear
  • Design: Texture
  • Standard Cutting: 4.25 Meter


Care instructions
  • Pre-Shrink this fabric in a separate bath. Avoid washing along with any other fabrics to save them from the harsh effects of the chemicals used by other manufacturers. 
  • Avoid Leko Finished Lining (Bukram) for Cuffs & Collar etc., in tailoring.
  • Use lukewarm water and mild detergent (Bleach free).
  • Dry Coloured fabrics away from direct sunlight.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 60° C. Garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed for gentle agitation and/or reduced time for delicate items.
  • Do not Bleach Coloured Fabrics.
  • A spinner or machine dryer may be regularly used at a High Heat setting.
  • Regular ironing may be performed at a High setting. Use light starch to enjoy the real comfort of wearing.
  • Colors may vary from the pictures to real fabric due to lights and photoshop used in photography 

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